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Quiet Zone Improvements in Hamilton Meeting


Dear Neighbors:

City of Novato is holding a public workshop on Wednesday August 24, 2016 at
6:30 pm at the Hamilton Community Center, 503 South Palm Drive, Novato, to
discuss Quiet Zone Improvements in Hamilton, and take public input on options
for the existing pedestrian railroad crossing at the east end of State Access
Road (State Access Road/Hamilton Parkway).

workshop will provide residents an opportunity to learn more about the proposed
Quiet Zones and the impact on the Hamilton area, federal regulations on train
horns, and to provide feedback on the pedestrian crossing options at State
Access Road, including: 1) close the pedestrian crossing, 2) retain the
crossing and install FRA-approved “wayside horns”, 3) retain the crossing and
apply for a FRA waiver to install lower-decibel horns, or 4) retain the
crossing and allow train horns to sound.

more information regarding the State Access Road Pedestrian Crossing and/or
Quiet Zones, please visit www.novato.org/smart.

to see you there!

- Marie Hoch

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Contact Person: Garcia, Nichole

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