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Water Conservation Advice from concerned Sunny Cove/Newport Owner


As most of you know that California is in deep draught.

Water conservation becomes a
responsibility for all of us.

When I walk around the neighborhood, I
found that some neighbors have done a great job in saving water by transforming
their lawn to draught resistant plants or watering less. Thank you!

However, I do notice that some
households are still watering their lawn extensively even in rainy days and
have water run off on the street all the time.

Hereby, I want to urge all my fellow
neighbors to be conscious about saving water around the household even if you
can afford to waste.

Here are several things that we all
can do:

1. Reduce frequency and length of time for all outdoor
sprinklers. If there is a water run off on the street, it means that you have
watered too much.

2. Turn off sprinklers before or during rainy days.

3. If your house is being rented out, please notify your
renters to do 1 and 2.

For more tips on how to save wateraround the house, please visit: http://eartheasy.com/live_water_saving.htm

-Ning Rosenthal 

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